5 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Beauty (for less than $5)

posted: 02/11/16
by: Katie Morton
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    5 Ways to Boost Your Home's Beauty (for less than $5)

    Your home is your castle. So, how do you make it look worthy of a king and queen if your budget is less than royal? You can refresh your home and boost it’s beauty for just a few dollars. In fact, some of the most appealing instant upgrades require nothing more than creativity and elbow grease. Here are some easy ways to beautify your home for $5 or less.

    1. Boost curb appeal

    Make your home inviting from first sight—you’d be amazed at the visual impact manicured flowerbeds and well-tended landscaping can make. While you’re out there, replace dated numbers with new hardware, clean your front windows, and pull weeds or trim unruly plants. Scrub off the doormat (or find a new one for a deal at a local home store—you can find some on sale for mere dollars), wash your front step, and add a potted plant next to the door for visual appeal and a warm welcome for visitors (get more front porch ideas).

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    Boost Your Home's Beauty: Add Life to Your Fireplace

    If you’re fortunate enough to have a fireplace, you know the natural glow of a fire is stunning. But when you’re not enjoying the flames, it can seem like a black hole in your home’s decor. Decorators recommend stacking logs inside the fireplace when not in use—alabaster birch logs are especially lovely. In the spring or summer, you can arrange vases with flowers or cluster candles together to visually lighten the empty space.

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    Boost Your Home's Beauty: Embrace the Outdoors

    Bringing in glimpses of nature is a simple and easy way to add warmth to any room of your home. A bouquet of flowers in a glass vase will illuminate your kitchen, while a ceramic bowl of fresh fruit will add color and character to a side table. Not only will fresh flowers and fruit look good, but they’ll also fill the room with a refreshing scent every guest is sure to enjoy. Another idea is to cut branches from your own yard and arrange them in tall stands for some sculptural decor.

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    Boost Your Home's Beauty: Use Books as Decor

    Use your books as decorative elements in a built-in bookcase. You can organize by color for a unified effect, or stack horizontally on the shelves to give the bookcase a designer look. Think outside the library, an unused bookcase can be moved to the bathroom to hold stacked towels and bathroom accessories.

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    Boost Your Home's Beauty: Accessorize Your Home

    Accessories can dress up an outfit and make your look feel complete; the same applies to your home. Add simple hardware to your curtain tiebacks to hold the panels. Use ribbons to dress up your shower curtain. A cake stand can hold your kitchen sponges and soap. Store your coffee or tea pods in a clear glass or copper container next to the coffeemaker.

    Beautifying your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With easy updates and creative touches, you can make your home look its best for mere dollars. Use our secrets to decorate and refresh, without breaking the bank!