5 Ways Jazz Jennings Is Taking Over the World

posted: 12/07/15
by: TLCme

Jazz Jennings is not your typical teenage girl. Besides being a stellar soccer player, musically gifted, and a talented artist, Jazz is also a spokesperson and role model for transgender youth. She's already accomplished more in her short 15 years than a lot of people have in a lifetime! Scroll down to see some of her highlights:

1.) She was a Youth Innovator Honoree at Trevor Live.
Trevor Live is a fundraising event and celebratory evening of impact and awareness for the suicide prevention services offered by the Trevor Project. Jazz received this distinguished award for her work as a spokesperson for transgender youth.

2.) She was a panelist at Outfest
Outfest is a LGBT film festival held every year in Los Angeles. It is the leading organization who's mission is to promote equality by creating, sharing and protecting LGBT stories on screen. Last year, Jazz was selected to lead a panel of transgender youth.

3.) She was named as one of TIME Magazine's Top 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014.
Enough said, right? I mean only 25 teenagers are picked every year out of every teen in the entire world.

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4.) She became the first transgender model for Clean & Clear
She helped launch the company's #SeeTheRealMe campaign.

5.) She has her own TV show
Jazz is the star of 'I Am Jazz'' on TLC, which shows how she and her close-knit family handle the day-to-day challenges every teen faces as well as the misconceptions and discrimination surrounding transgender teens.
The best news? The show will be back in 2016!!!

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