5 Unpopular Beauty Tips I Gave to My Daughter

posted: 04/14/15
by: Rene Syler
5 unpopular beauty tips I gave to my daughter
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These maxims aren't popular, but they're true.

It is official: I have turned into my mother. Not only have I turned into my mother, I am starting to channel her with some of the things she said to me when I was a teen. I had hoped I might be able to avoid that; alas, I could not, and you know something? It wasn't that bad.

It all stems from a make-up discussion with my daughter. See, this was the year she outgrew me, a stunning realization for most parents. Now when I look at Casey, I see the tall, beautiful, strong woman she is becoming. So, before there was too much water under the bridge, I sat her down to talk about her beauty regimen and yes, I sounded just like my mother.

1. You are what you eat. My daughter, being an athlete, has a pretty decent diet. However, for this conversation I stressed to her the importance of water and veggies. Oil in your food is oil on your face, and using healthy oils to cook like virgin olive oil is much better for her complexion. It's okay to snack, but if you want your looks to last add a bunch of water after those goodies.

2. Keep it natural. What you put on your face and body can react with your skin in crazy ways. Remember what happened when I took medicine and then processed my hair? Well, it fell out. Putting natural things in your body as well as using natural hair and makeup products is a good way to keep yourself looking healthy -- because you'll be healthy.

3. Less is more. At this age, innocence is so much more illuminating on her face. For special occasions we use a little more color and variety with eye products and foundations, but for daily wear she sticks to lip glosses. I know I'm biased, but the less makeup she wears the prettier (and younger, shhh...) she looks.

4. Confidence rocks! My daughter is an athlete, a scholar, a musician, a good kid, an overwhelmingly helpful apprentice, and an all-around sweet person. Walking around with her head held high makes her that much more attractive. It is also a great way to practice for future college and job interviews. Knowing who you are is always a great look.

5. Things happen. No matter how healthy you eat, no matter how clean you keep your face, no matter who you are, your skin and body will betray you on some days. We are women and our hormones hold us hostage for a good number of decades. That's ok. We figure out how to deal with these emergencies (foundation, check!) and have friends who support us and understand. Casey's always beautiful and should always be proud of who she is because some things are just out of your control.

As you might already know I was humored during this speech, but she still wants to straighten her curly locks and I have a feeling we may have to go a few rounds over mascara, but at least she knows the truth. She is beautiful and there is very little she needs to do to change that.