5 Tricks For Getting Out The Door Quickly In The Morning

posted: 10/28/16
by: TLCme
1.) Skip the shower
Nothing is more of a time suck in the morning than taking a shower--especially in the winter when you never want to get out! Get out the door earlier by choosing to bathe at night, or using products like dry shampoo.

2.) Choose your outfit the night before
A little planning goes a long way! Taking a few minutes each night before bed to decide on your outfit for the following day saves WAY more time than trying to choose clothes in the morning when it's dark outside and you're tired and groggy.

3.) Get ready on the go
Grab your makeup and a daily moisturizing lotion that comes in a convenient travel size, like Lubriderm, and finish getting ready during your commute at the comfort of your desk!

4.) Steam vs. iron
Forget an ironing board and iron, save time by investing in a streamer to quickly get rid of wrinkles in your clothes.

5.) Grab-and-go breakfasts
Make some grab-and-go-breakfasts ahead of time like overnight oats, or baked eggs in a muffin tin so you don't have to spend time making breakfast before you head out the door!