5 Tips for Taking Amazing Pictures for Holiday Cards

posted: 12/02/16
by: Amanda Mushro
technology, season, friendship and people concept - group of smiling men and women taking selfie with digital camera in winter forest


It's that time of year again. Time to gather up your family in matching sweaters and force them all to say "cheese" while standing on a staircase as you snap a ton of pictures hoping to find one that everyone has their eyes open and no one is looking too crazy. All this stress for a holiday card sounds crazy, right? But before you hand over money for a professional to snap those holiday pictures or you get so frustrated because the pictures you did take fell flat, here's five tips to make your holiday pictures look like amazing!

  1. Move Around- If you take a million photos but you don't move around, you might as well just take one picture. Don't just shoot pictures straight ahead. Get moving! Get down low on their level or even on the ground. While you're snapping pictures, try different angles, moving off center, getting really close or standing high above them. This way you'll end up with lots of unique and creative photos to choose from.
  2. Turn Off the Flash- A favorite trick of photographer is using natural light or overhead lights because it keeps your pictures looking warm and natural. So move everyone closer to a window or into the sunlight. If you're taking pictures inside, turn on all the lights and bring in a few lamps.
  3. Go for Candid- Look at the pictures on your phone and pick out your favorites. Chances are the ones you like the best are the natural and candid photos of your kids. So when it comes to your holiday cards, why are you forcing your kids to stand in a line posing? Choose a background--outside or in your home- and let your kids play and interact while you snap away. Give a little direction but spend your time capturing the moments with your camera.
  4. Plan Ahead-When you're taking pictures of kids, you are working on borrowed time. So choose their outfits and any backgrounds you want to use before you start. This is also a great time to get the lighting right. Take a few pics and move lights as needed.
  5. Work Fast and Shoot A lot- When it's time to take pictures, don't worry about fixing every little detail. Just talk to your kids and snap away. Tell them jokes to make them laugh and give a little direction where you want them to be for the photo, but just keep taking pictures. When you're done, it might be a bit overwhelming to have a lot of pictures, but that's better than not having enough.