5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bryan Cranston

posted: 08/21/15
by: Mara Betsch
bryan cranston

Bryan Cranston may be best-known for his role of Walter White on the award-winning show "Breaking Bad," but he's had a long and fascinating career. Before he explores his roots this Sunday on "Who Do You Think You Are?" learn about his interesting life.

1. He once made money by officiating weddings

Cranston told Rolling Stone a great story about one of his first jobs. When he was younger, Cranston worked odd jobs on Catalina Island and met Reverend Bob, who got ordained by the Universal Life Church. When Bob overbooked himself one day, he asked Cranston to fill in for him to marry one of the couples. At $150 a wedding, Cranston kept doing it up for the rest of the summer.

2. He started with voice acting

Cranston got his first acting credits using the pseudonym Lee Stone to do the English dubbing of Japanese anime shows, including the popular Macross Plus. In a Reddit AMA, he admitted to doing voice work for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

3. He's a baseball fanatic

As a Los Angeles native, Cranston played high school baseball and is a huge Dodgers fan. He told ESPN in 2009, "I grew up with Dodger Stadium. It was my home, and I knew certain things, even when times were rough or things not going well in school or my parents splitting up or whatever the case may be. I could always depend on the smell of the grass, listening to Vin Scully's voice to bring back a sense of calm and safety." When he accepted his third Primetime Emmy Award, Cranston thanked his wife and daughter, and followed that with "I love you more than baseball."

4. He's a stage actor, too

Though he's usually on screen, he took a break in 2013 to portray Lyndon B. Johnson in the play "All the Way," and he won the Tony for it in 2014.

5. He may star in dramas, but he has a sense of humor

At a 2015 Comic Con Panel to promote his new series SuperMansion, he had the best response to a fan from Albuquerque's admittedly silly question.