5 Things You Can Stop Buying Now to Save Money

posted: 08/14/17
by: Kristine Boyd
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Happy young woman saving money in a piggybank - home finances concepts

Buying a few items here and there may not seem like it makes a difference in your bank account. However, after a while, those little purchases make a huge difference. Whether it's buying a daily coffee or lunch; those extra dollars can really start making a difference in when you pay your bills. By cutting out a few items from your daily life, you can save big time! Sacrificing a few things so you can save up for something you truly want is worth it in the end. If you are looking to save up a little extra money each month, then try not buying these 5 items.

1. Daily Coffee

Buying a latte everyday can be extremely expensive. A few dollars may not seem like a lot in the moment, but at the end of the week the cost of what you spent on coffee will shock you. People can spend around $20-$30 every week! Instead make your own coffee at home! It is so easy to make all of your favorite drinks right in your own kitchen. Try one of these mouthwatering homemade iced coffee drinks instead!

2. Nail Appointments

Having a fresh manicure and pedicure is a great feeling. However, many women get in the habit of making appointments every 1-2 weeks. The cost of nail appointments can really add up over time. Instead, do your nails at home! Once you practice, your nails will look exactly the same as if you got them done in a professional salon.

3. Movie Tickets

Going to the movies is a fun treat, but the prices aren't so frugal. Between the tickets, snacks and drinks, you could be spending more than you planned. Instead, have a fun movie night in! Buy snacks for half the price at the grocery store and pick a movie that you already own. This way you're having fun while also saving money!

4. Disposable Ware

We all hate doing dishes and laundry, but repurchasing paper towels, plates and cups can really add up. If you have a set of kitchen towels, you really don't need to be buying paper ones. Same goes for plates, cups and cutlery. While it is nice to not have to do dishes, the finically smart option is to just use your plates that you won't have to repurchase.

5. Daily Lunch

It can be hard to stray from getting lunch out every day. It's easy because you don't have to pack lunch and you get to get out of the office with co-workers for a little walk. But the cost of getting lunch out can be significantly higher than if you made it at home. We aren't saying never to get lunch out, but try packing a few times a week and make going out a treat!

It may seem hard at first to cut out some things, but you will see the difference in your wallet! Remember life is about balance, so never forget to treat yourself to a coffee and a nail appointment every once in a while.