5 Things You’ll See When the Brown Family Returns In The New Season of Sister Wives

posted: 11/01/16
by: TLCme

Big Changes This Season on Sister Wives

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The new season of Sister Wives premieres Sunday, Nov. 27 at 8/7c.

1) Maddie's Wedding
From wedding planning to the bridal shower and walking down the aisle, you'll see every moment that leads up to Maddie and Caleb's big day. You've gotten a peek at their engagement shoot and wedding photos, but now you'll have a front row seat to the biggest day of their life thus far.

2) Mariah Open Up
Still angry with her mother, Mariah continues to distance herself. When Kody tries to mend fences between Meri and Mariah, he is forced to deal with the hard truth that his own relationship with his first wife is in shambles.

3) Mykelti's Engagement
Just five months after meeting her boyfriend Tony, Christine's daughter, Mykelti reveals that she wants to get engaged! Christine is skeptical of their rushed plans, as she thinks her daughter has become a different version of herself with Tony. But some good old fashioned family discussions and young love win her over and lead to a picturesque proposal.

4) Meri Confronting Catfishing
Still coming to terms with the catfishing scandal, Meri reaches out to another catfishing victimand explores what led her to get involved with this person in the first place. Throughout thisjourney, she gets closer to the root of the problems between Kody and herself.

5) Family Retreat
In classic Brown family tradition, they take a trip and spend some quality time working through the rollercoaster that they've all been on together. The family retreats to a remote lodge, high in the mountains of Utah--hoping that the high mountain air will bring the family to its senses.

Find out if it does when Sister Wives return to TLC for two-hour episodes Sunday November, 27th at 8/7c!

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