5 Things to Know About Israel David Dillard

posted: 04/09/15
by: TLCme

Jill and Derick Welcome Baby Israel

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Jill and Derick welcome a new baby boy to thier family

Jill and Derick Dillard welcomed their first child, a beautiful baby boy named Israel David, late Monday night. He's the fourth Grand-Duggar, and though he's yet to make his on-screen debut (you'll have to wait until May 5 to "meet" him), he's already a star. Read these fast facts to get to know Jill and Derick's sweet son.

1. He runs on "Duggar time": Jill's family is known for, um, not being the most punctual family. But with 19 kids, how could you blame them? It looks like baby Israel is embracing his mother's family's penchant for running behind. Though Jill's original due date was in late March, Israel was born on April 6, even after Jill's "second due date." Though it's common for first babies to be born after their due dates, Baby Dilly was in no rush.

2. He's also a night owl: The Duggars are also known to burn the midnight oil, especially before big Duggar events, like weddings, and Israel is falling right in line. He arrived at 11:49 pm while most people were sound asleep. We have a feeling, like most infants, he'll be keeping his parents up late as well.

3. He's got the makings of a future NFL player: At 9 pounds, 10 ounces, and 23 inches long, Israel is the longest baby delivered this year at his Arkansas hospital. Derick Dillard, the baby's father jokes to People.com that he's "probably a tight end." Unfortunately, because of his size, the new parents had to go out and buy new diapers and onesies to accommodate his frame.

4. No 'J' names here: Jill made a pilgrimage with her family to the Holy Land in 2011, and was inspired by the area. Israel, meaning "prevails with God" or "wrestles with God," seems fitting for the Dillard family. Jill and Derick haven't commented whether they'll stick to one letter for baby names, but 'I' would definitely be a tricky one to try.

5. He's going to make an awesome big brother: If Jill is anything like her mom or sister-in-law Anna, this probably won't be her only child. As avid volunteers (Jill was busy helping out at 41 weeks pregnant!) and all-around nice people, we know Jill and Derick will set a great example for Baby Dilly.