5 Things to Do Tonight- For Gorgeous Hair Tomorrow

posted: 07/19/16
by: Amanda Mushro
bad hair day
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woman having a bad hair day

Don't you wish you could wake up with your hair looking perfectly styled with bouncy and shiny locks so you can take a selfie and say "I woke up like this." Skip the morning hustle and bustle when it comes to styling your hair and try these five things before you head to bed that will have your hair looking amazing in the morning.

Use a satin pillowcase at night. To lock in moisture and cut down on frizz, lay your head down on a satin not cotton pillowcase every night.

For easy waves in the morning, start by washing your hair at night and rubbing a little styling product in your hair before blow drying damp-not soaking-hair. Then it's time to braid your hair. For loose waves, give yourself one braid. For smaller and tighter waves, put your hair into sections and put each section into braids. In the morning, remove the braids and spray with hairspray for a tousled and wavy style all day.

Stop your hair from breaking and keep tangles at bay by rubbing Argan oil into wet hair at night. Gently detangle your hair and wrap up your hair with a silk scarf while you sleep.

For lots of volume in the morning, wash and condition your hair at night, and when it's damp, wrap it up in a topknot bun. When you wake up, your hair will look like you had a professional blow out.

If your hair is in need of extra attention, try a coconut oil overnight mask. Saturate your hair, from roots to end, with coconut oil and tie up in a topknot. Wash your hair in the morning--you might need two washes- to get your hair looking and feeling soft and silky.