5 Things To Do Instead of Vegging Out After The Big Meal

posted: 11/25/15
by: Courtney Reimer
family having fun playing a game in their living room

You know the Thanksgiving routine: everyone stuffs themselves silly and then waddles over to the sofa or easy chair, where they stay until bedtime. Not exactly the best recipe for family interaction (and studies say it's better to keep moving as you digest, anyway). So, what now? Here are some great ideas for how to keep the family moving instead of vegging.

1. Go for a walk. It might be the last thing you want to do right after a big meal, but you'll thank us later. And don't worry, you don't have to jump right up from the table and head out into the night: experts say waiting 15 minutes before starting off is ideal. Get as many people to join you as possible -- it'll be good for you AND for family bonding.

2. Get everyone to help with the cleanup. Dream scenario, right? If not everyone fits in the kitchen, you can assign "zones": garbage duty, dish duty, dining room duty. You can even make it a race: whoever gets done with their task first wins control of the remote when you finally do sit down again.

3. Play some family games. This is our favorite of the options. And you don't even need a board game to do most of the best ones, like charades and celebrity (which involves people drawing a name from a basket and putting it on their forehead, then asking questions to find out who they are).

4. Sneak in some shopping. While as a rule we're kind of on the fence about shopping on Thanksgiving, it's not a bad way to A) keep moving and B) check something off your to-do list.

5. Wrap gifts. If you're fortunate enough to have already tackled some of your holiday shopping list (bravo!), now's a good time to get some of that wrapping done. Bonus points if you do it standing up to keep the blood and digestion flowing.

And once you've done any/all of the above, you certainly have our permission to go to bed early and sleep late. It is, after all, a national holiday!