5 Surprising Perks of Being Tall

posted: 07/15/15
by: Mara Betsch
jessica chastain and gwendoline christine

Sure, you love being able to grab things off the top shelf and being picked first for any sports team regardless of your athletic ability, but did you know that there are some serious advantages to being tall? We bet these 12 celeb ladies in the 5'10"-and-up club know all about them! These height advantages will make the struggle to find pants that are long enough and "how's the air up there?" jokes slightly less annoying.

1. It's easier for you to get (and keep) a job

Research shows that a few extra inches can give you a distinct advantage on the job: being tall can boost employees' self-confidence. Tall sales people were also more respected by their clients and were viewed as more persuasive leaders, according to a 2003 study in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

2. And you'll probably make more money

Going from the 25th percentile for height to the 75th (that's equal to about 4-5 inches) is associated with an 9 to 15 percent increase in salary, according to recent research. And some studies show that an extra inch can earn you $1,000 more each year!

3. You can always see the stage at a concert

You don't have to worry about standing on your tiptoes to see your favorite band. Instead, you have the perfect view and never have to worry about someone blocking yours. Just don't forget about the poor petite people behind you!

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4. Height is linked to intelligence

A recent study published in Behavior Genetics studied the DNA of more than 6,800 people and found that there was a correlation between the genes associated with height and those associated with intelligence. This isn't to say that shorter people are necessarily less intelligent, but this study looked at averages across populations.

5. You never feel the need to wear heels (unless you really want to!)

Your legs are long, so you don't feel the need to strap torture devices on your feet (aka stilettos) unless the mood strikes. And when you do, you absolutely love being heads and shoulders above your friends.