5 Super Simple Sewing Projects for Beginners

posted: 05/27/15
by: Blythe Copeland
woman sewing

Sewing your own home decor--like pillow covers, throw blankets, or curtains--can help you save money while putting your own unique stamp on your style; who wouldn't want affordable, custom textiles in every room of their home? But if you find the thought of a sewing machine more intimidating than exciting, start simple. If you can sew a straight line, you can complete any of these projects.

1. Cloth napkins

Cloth napkins are better for the environment--and much prettier--than paper. You'll need two squares of fabric for each napkin, but you can use the same fabric for both or choose contrasting colors and patterns.

Try it: Quick and Easy Cloth Napkins from Kirtsy

2. Pillow covers

Change up your pillow covers every season with easy envelope pillow covers. Bonus: The envelope style means you don't have to add buttons or zippers to make the cover removable, so the project is even easier than many other similar covers.

Try it: Envelope Pillows from The Happy Housie

3. Curtains

The simplest type of DIY curtain is a piece of fabric, hemmed, and attached with ring clips to a curtain rod. If you want to get a little more complicated, you can add a liner, a blackout liner, tab tops, a rod pocket, or even pleats--but the basic idea remains the same.

Try it: Lined Panel Drapes from Just Melissa

4. Floor pillow

An oversized floor pillow provides the perfect space for little ones to read or watch tv (or for dad to lay his head while building Legos and having tea parties). Start with two yards of fabric cut into six squares; then sew and stuff to create the new best seat in the house.

Try it: One-Hour Floor Pillow from 2 Little Superheroes

5. Throw blanket

After you pack away your wool and fleece blankets in the spring, put together a simple, lightweight throw to fight the chill on early summer nights. A simple blanket like this also works for cozying up by the campfire, laying out on the beach, or hosting a picnic at the park.

Try it: Simple Spring Throw from Design Mom