5 Spring Nail Trends You’ll Want to Try ASAP

posted: 05/24/16
by: Blythe Copeland

Ready to give your nails a warm-weather makeover? Trade winter's dark shades of red, burgundy, purple, brown, and pink for spring and summer's best options -- florals, glitter, geometric designs, and more. The following trends will give you a whimsical manicure that's as light and refreshing as the first gorgeous days of summer.

1. Florals

Take your cue from the blossoms in your garden by adding bright blooms to your nails in a variety of patterns -- pale blue nails with single roses, bright yellow daisies on a metallic nail, shabby chic flowers on a single nail and pink and white polka dots on the others, royal blue nails with delicate petals. The process may seem intimidating, but YouTube offers dozens of tutorials for creating the flowers with fine brushes -- learn with a friend so you have someone to practice with -- or use nail wraps for an easier and more precise finished product.

2. Metallics

You'll find on-trend metallic finishes on everything from throw pillows to iPhones -- so why not on your nails? We've already covered mirror nails, but this season, look for less obvious shades, like rose gold, bronze, and chrome instead of gold or silver -- for a rich, luminous finish. Or if going all metallic is too far outside your comfort zone, try adding a few thin bands of sparkle to an otherwise matte mani.

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3. Bright french tips

Traditional long, white French tips may have you nostalgic for your back-in-the-day prom, but the look gets a modern makeover by keeping nails short and neat, and adding a band of bright color instead of the classic white. Try red tips with a neutral nail color, bright green with sheer pink, or squared off nails lined in silver, or double the impact with a dual tip nail (think red or black by the cuticle and silver across the top).

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4. Geometrics

Clean, simple lines can make your nails look longer, while giving your manicure a crisp, contrasting style. Try a single black line on a white nail; a bright polish background to show off a pair of interlocking lines; or a single silver stripe on a bare, neatly filed nail. For maximum impact, trade stripes for squares: Think black and white racing flag-inspired checks; a sunny yellow and white pattern; or green and blue squares edged in white.

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5. Subtle glitter

Glitter nail polish isn't just for tweens: It's a stylish way to give your professional, grown-up look a little extra sparkle. Add a clear polish with larger glitter pieces to a bare or nearly-bare nail, choose a finer glitter for all-over sparkle, or pair a glitter eyeshadow with a subtle nail shimmer. The added shine is the perfect way to make your warm-weather manicure a little more fun.

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