5 Spring Bags We Love

posted: 05/03/18
by: Katie Morton

It's hard to pin down a singular look for spring handbags. They really run the gamut, styles in every shape, size, material, and color--you're sure to find a style that pleases you and fits your lifestyle.

Here are some standouts we love for reasons that are as numerous and varied as these handbags look.

1. Pink Perfection

If you want to look flawless at brunch, then by all means, match your handbag to your pink drink. We wish we were sipping cappuccino with the owner of this purse. Better yet, we wish we were the owner of this purse.

2. Caramel Leather Tote

The rich brown, soft leather of this tote makes us sigh with envy. How cool is this chick? I know this article is supposed to be about bags, but look at her shoes. They look both comfortable and stylish, a combination that is nearly impossible to pull off, and it's a look that compliments the purse she's rocking: a comfortably big and cool-looking tote.

3. Elephant Tote

This tree also sports amazing taste in handbags. Look at her effortlessly carry this bag, and without any hands. Impressive! But seriously, we like the subtle detailing, from the rope handle, to the drawstring and fringe. And of course, we have to remark on the beautiful colors of the elephant design, which keeps this bag infinitely interesting.

4. Floral Embroidery

This little bag is so versatile. We could imagine it with anything from jeans to a swing-style cocktail dress. The black background makes the colors pop. This cute and colorful bag could go to work, shopping, and out to happy hour--pretty much anywhere!

5. Black Leather

This bag is to die for. We love the chain, the metal detailing, and even the strap for a comfier carrying method if you want to stroll for a while. We would carry this bag to the ends of the Earth. Okay, maybe that's taking it a little too far. But it's a great-looking bag.


It's easy to own too many purses, with this many fabulous styles competing for our attention. If you just don't want or need another bag, then hopefully these photos helped you window shop. You can also shop your own closet and feel more in love with the bags you already have!