5 Secrets of Budget-Conscious Bridesmaids

posted: 01/14/16
by: Katie Morton
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Being asked to be a bridesmaid is an honor, but it can be a costly endeavor. According to an infographic from Elite Daily, the average total cost of being a bridesmaid is between $1,500-1,800! Here's how to be a phenomenal bridesmaid and stay mindful of your budget at the same time.

1. Book your hotel and airfare ASAP

Travel is inherently expensive, but it's made more so when you're scrambling at the last minute for the plane ticket or the suite next to the bride. Booking early--as soon as the dates are written in ink on the calendar--can save you big.

There are also ways to get travel discounts. Check out these tips for the best times to find airfare steals and these tricks to getting the best hotel deals. With advanced planning and a little insider knowledge you can minimize the impact travel will have on your wallet.

2. Flexible fashion

If your bride is open to the idea, different bridesmaids' dresses in one color--think, flattering black or popular platinum--can let each woman have control over both their fashion and their budget. Ask the bride for approval on the dresses before you buy. The same money-saving tip applies to shoes and jewelry; each woman can find affordable options that make her feel fabulous.

3. Stay local for the bachelorette party

Plan a bachelorette party at a local favorite rather than jet setting to a far-away destination. A spa day in your city, a dinner at a favorite restaurant, or even a weekend away at a family cabin can be memorable occasions.

4. Pool your resources

Wedding gifts are another big dollar item, so join forces with the other bridesmaids for one larger item on the bridal registry. Chipping in together can save you dollars, while also gifting the bride something personal from your group.

5. Talk about your budget

It can be difficult to talk about money with friends, but it's necessary when you're planning. Don't be afraid to share that you need to be budget-savvy. Real Simple suggests the best way to address this is to start your party-planning conversations with one key phrase, "I know we're all on a budget..." Those few words can set the tone that you're all in this together.

Enjoy being part of this joyous time in your friend's life, and don't break the bank while celebrating her wedding day!