5 Reasons We Love The First-Ever Plus-Size Male Supermodel

posted: 03/29/16
by: Courtney Reimer

Meet Zach Miko, the handsome fella being dubbed the "first ever plus-size supermodel." We love him for many reasons, and his ruggedly masculine appearance is just the beginning.

1. He's redefining the accepted definition of beauty. "Supermodel" has become synonymous with "unhealthily skinny" in many peoples' minds -- even for male models -- so we love that Zach is helping expand the definition of beautiful.

Someone's stalking me with a camera? Who? @redsquidly why? Oh you'll see #brawn #whatsthebuzz #model #nyc

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2. He's ushering in a whole new paradigm of modeling. Not only did the mega modeling agency IMG sign him, they're using him to help launch their "Brawn" division (the male counterpart to their female "Curve" division).

3. He's helping us phase out of the term "plus-size." The objections to the term "plus size" have been growing louder and louder, the main gripe being that they indicate that anyone larger than a certain size is abnormal. "Brawn" just sounds sexier, too.

4. We get a tattooed supermodel! Gone are the days when "beauty" meant "plain and pure." We love that this is extending to his elaborate skin-art, too.

"What do you hope will come from the launch of Brawn? I hope that with this, guys growing up being of size can now open up a catalog or a website and see someone they can relate to. I want them to see a model and think, He's kind of like me. That's a feeling a lot of people of size did not feel growing up. I want Brawn to relate to every man who wants to feel good about their self-esteem and self-image. I want people to look at Brawn and say, "I can do that." Brawn and Curve [IMG's plus-size women's division] are about bringing fashion into reality for millions of people who felt alienated for so long. I mean, I'm just an everyday guy. I bartend, I do freelance carpentry, I'm an Eagle Scout, I have bills. It means the industry is finally opening up to everyone. And I cannot wait to be a part of it." Interview with @voguemagazine . #brawn #bodypositivity #img #effyourbeautystandards #model #thankyou

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5. He's down-to-earth. He told Vogue that he's "just an everyday guy. I bartend, I do freelance carpentry, I'm an Eagle Scout, I have bills." We'd absolutely invite him over for a beer.

Buffalo wings IN Buffalo. My life is complete @duffswings

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