5 Reasons We Can’t Stop Watching Jack-O’-Lantern Live

posted: 10/27/15
by: TLCme

It's no secret that we love pumpkins (e.g. our Pumpkinpalooza hub), so we took it one step further and have provided a live feed at Roloff Farms (made famous by "Little People, Big World,") to bring the joy and warmth of the season right to you. Introducing Jack-O'-Lantern Live! Join the fun by submitting your favorite festive fall photos with the hashtag #JackOLanternLive!

Here are 5 reasons why we can't stop watching this live cam:

1. There's Always The Chance of a Roloff Sighting

Since we're coming at you live from Roloff Farms, at any given moment one of the Roloffs could stop by, maybe even Sully! Who doesn't love a good celeb sighting?!

2. It Transports You to a Magical Place

While you may be at your desk sending countless e-mails, you can be transported to the Pacific Northwest for some rest and relaxation (for your mind at least) with the soothing fall festivities of Roloff Farms!

3. It Gets You Falling For Fall

Ah yes, fall, the lovely season of change. Is there any place more suited for fall than Roloff Farms? We're not sure we know of one, so fall for fall as you enjoy the view of autumnal staples from Matt & Amy (and family)'s homestead.

4. It's Less Dangerous Than An Actual Jack-O'-Lantern

No fire or carving involved! This jack-o'-lantern is safe for the whole family to enjoy.

5. It Provides A Better Background Ambiance Than Hearing The Monster Mash For The 1000th Time

Let's be honest, you know every word to "Monster Mash," not by choice but because it's one of the few Halloween party favorites -- well not this year, you and your party guests can enjoy Jack-O'-Lantern Live!

Fixing the Pumpkin Butt

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Matt Roloff sees an unusual object in the giant pumpkin they're using on the parade float.