5 Reasons Frequent Energy Healing Is Beneficial

posted: 01/09/18
by: Katie Morton

Even if you think you've never heard of energy healing, you probably have: in the form of acupuncture. Acupuncture was the first form of energy healing to be introduced to the United States mainstream medical community back in the 1970s, and it's now covered by many insurance policies.

Energy healing works on the premise of relieving pain or other medical conditions by adjusting the flow of energy in the body.

In TLC's show, The Healer, healer Charlie Goldsmith would hear a person's complaint of pain or limited mobility, and then sometimes lightly touch the body as he concentrated his energy in order to reduce pain and speed healing. While Charlie was born with his gift of healing, practitioners can be trained in standardized energy healing modalities such as acupuncture, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, and Healing Touch, which is accredited continuing nursing education of the American Nursing Credentialing Center (ANCC).

Reiki is offered as a treatment at many well-respected hospitals and medical programs, including Johns Hopkins cancer support program, which offers Reiki during oncology massage.

Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston has a Reiki program for cancer patients. The Cleveland Clinic uses Reiki to help patients prepare for surgery, and to treat a wide variety of medical conditions. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York offers acupuncture, Medical Qi Gong Therapy, and Reiki Light Touch Massage to relieve pain, reduce stress, and for the management of symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, and headache.

Now you're caught up with what many in the respected, modern medical community understand: energy healing is an effective way to manage symptoms and speed the healing of numerous physical ailments and medical conditions.

But what if you don't have a major medical concern such as cancer? Why would you benefit from regular, repeated energy healing? Here are 5 reasons.

1. Energy Healing Helps the Body Function Better

According to traditional Chinese medicine, qi or chi--pronounced "chee"-- is the energy that flows along the pathways, or meridians, that connect the acupuncture points on the body. The meridians are the channels through which energy flows to internal organs in the body, as well as muscles, bones, and joints. As an energy healer moves chi, the energy flows into the various points of the body to help them function optimally.

Specific energy healing treatments depend on the modality, the practitioner, the patient, and the condition. Some energy healing practitioners will feel for energy imbalances in the body and concentrate on restoring the flow of energy to a specific location, while others concentrate on balancing energy flow throughout the entire body.

2. Energy Healing Can Successfully Treat Chronic Pain

In an HMO-based study of energy medicine for chronic headaches, researchers wrote that more than 50 million Americans endure chronic pain, which can negatively impact many different areas of a patient's life, including emotional, social, and spiritual.

During the study, participants received at least three energy healing sessions weekly. Twelve out of thirteen patients experienced improvement in frequency, intensity, or duration of pain. The researchers concluded that energy healing can be an important addition to pain management services.

While most people don't consider themselves chronic pain sufferers, as we get older, those nagging aches and pains that never seem to go away--in joints or other areas of the body--are indeed chronic pain. Regular energy healing treatments could ease those aches and pains and boost your quality of life.

3. Energy Healing Can Relieve Depression and Anxiety

Psychotherapist Deborah Bier, PhD, cites many research studies that point to the therapeutic effects of Reiki on mental health. She writes in Psychcentral.com:

"Shore (2004) followed patients being treated for mild depression and stress. After six weeks of treatment and for up to a year afterward, those who had received Reiki showed both immediate and long-term improvements in depression, stress and hopelessness."

Bier also cites Reiki's noted ability to reduce difficult-to-treat chronic pain, which often has a major impact on levels of anxiety and depression in patients.

4. Energy Healing Can Improve Relationships

While scientists and medical professionals struggle to pinpoint exactly how energy healing works, quantum physics, which explores the behavior of smallest scales of energy levels of atoms and subatomic particles, offers some clues.

Science News Editor-at-Large Tom Siegfried describes the quantum physics concept of entanglement thusly: "Particles can become entangled when they interact with each other or are emitted from a common source." People become entangled when they fall in love.

In the book The Possibility Principle: How Quantum Physics Can Improve the Way You Think, Live and Love, psychotherapist Mel Schwartz LCSW writes, "From the quantum view of inseparability, if you change some aspect of yourself, it will necessarily affect your partner, because you're both as connected as our quantum particles."

Since energy healing in theory acts on these energy particles, experiencing an improvement in your quality of life following an energy healing session could positively impact your partner.

While this concept of quantum particles impacting our relationships can seem difficult to grasp, a more obvious relationship enhancement concept is this: frequent energy healing has positive impacts on mental health, which naturally has a positive impact on relationships.

5. Energy Healing Can Treat the Impact of Trauma

When a person suffers a traumatic event, the nervous system goes into survival mode, which releases stress hormones such as cortisol. In some cases, the body has difficulty returning to a relaxed state. Over time, this can lead to chronic physical symptoms like high blood pressure, high blood sugar leading to weight gain, pain, and difficulty healing from injury and infections.

For some patients, using traditional talk therapy for treating anxiety, stress, or depression caused by trauma is a daunting solution, causing them to relive painful memories as they discuss the issues. Energy healing can help some patients improve their mental health outcomes without having to relive memories of the event by talking about it.

Published studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of energy healing on stress hormones, blood pressure, heart rate, pain, and immune system response, as well as on patients' anxiety and depression. The data suggests energy healing's ability to induce relaxation, which is key to healing the impact of trauma on the nervous system.

The next time you are in need of physical or emotional support, check to see if energy healing could be the solution for you. Energy healing might be the fast, painless, and effective solution you're looking for.