5 Quick Ways You Can Organize Your Closet RIGHT NOW

posted: 07/28/16
by: Katie Morton

2016 is the year to finally get organized! Messes, clutter, and disorganization can throw everything out of alignment. Never knowing how to find anything is a mental drain and a time suck. You know it's time to get organized, but, like many, you just don't know where to begin.

Professional organizer Sue Rae at Sorted by Sue shares her five best tips to help you whip that out-of-control closet into shape today.

1. Set the Date

Just make a plan and start! The first step is to set a firm date to tackle that clutter. Once you have the time and date marked on your calendar, honor that commitment.

Enlist a friend to help out. Strive to make it an enjoyable day of bonding--treat yourself with your favorite take-out lunch and favorite music (with a goal of wine opened at the end). Whatever tactic you can use to make it fun, the better.

2. Clear out Everything

Everything--gulp? Yes! Everything. The first action you'll need to take in your battle against closet clutter is to start from ground zero. Remove every item from your closet and reassess it's unique importance and value to you.

Create a large staging area for all items you remove from your closet. Use Post-it notes or other signage to create categories in the staging area (tops, bottoms, hanging items, socks, underwear, etc.). Remove all garments, accessories, shoes, handbags, old receipts (again, everything!), and place each item in the appropriate category.

Next, you'll use five separate sorting bins to help you organize what you'll be donating, selling, trashing, recycling, or moving to another room.

3. Make Tough Cuts

How do you decide what to keep and what should stay? Here's what you do: Pick up each item, hold it, look at it, and then make a decision where it goes based on your emotional response.

Decide honestly which clothes you love, wear often, and want to keep in the rotation. Say goodbye to those that don't fit well, flatter your shape, or that you simply don't wear anymore and place each garment or accessory into the appropriate storage bin.

Your end goal is a closet filled with your star-quality clothes--those items that make you feel amazing. According to Sue, "[you should] imagine your closet as a place to keep all your favorite, fabulous, well-fitting clothes. Getting dressed now feels like reaching into a treasure trove every morning."

4. Rearrange Items That Made the Cut

Now that you've done the tough work of identifying the "must stay" items, it's time to put your closet back together. You'll want to organize your closet so that it stays functionally organized, or else all your hard work will be for nothing.

Rearrange all existing items by category. All short-sleeve blouses go together, long-sleeve blouses go together, dresses go together, etc. Arrange items from dark to light, as this will make locating things easier, as well add to the visual appeal of your space.

Out of season items shouldn't take up prime closet space. Store out of season clothing and accessories on your high closet shelves or under your bed. Rotate accordingly when seasons change.

5. Keep up the Good Work!

Now that you've made the effort to get organized, you'll want to keep it this way. Practice the "1-In 1-Out Rule." What does this mean? Basically, every time a new item comes in, you should donate or sell an existing closet item. This helps ensure that your closet doesn't succumb to over-crowding.

Make an effort to make your closet beautiful. Purchase quality interior closet lighting so your wardrobe is on full visual display (pros recommend a relatively inexpensive battery-powered motion sensor bulb). Painting the inside of your closet is another easy, inexpensive way to add to your closet's visual appeal.

Tackling the closet clutter seems far more daunting than it actually is. Even if you're not naturally organized, with these tips, you can curate a well-organized, useful, and attractive closet in only a few hours.