5 Plants are Almost Impossible to Kill For Those of Us Without a Green Thumb

posted: 06/23/17
by: Amanda Mushro

Erica in the House: How to Choose Houseplants for Your Space

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Erica Domesek of P.S. -- I Made This teaches you how to pick the right houseplants for your home. Follow her as she picks out planters and everything that goes in them!

Some people are just born with a green thumb and can create beautiful and lush gardens. However, there are some of us that realize bringing a house plant into our home means that poor plant's life span will probably be around the same as a fruit fly. But if you are looking to add more green to your home and this time you really want your garden survive, here are 5 plants that are almost impossible to kill.

  1. Heartleaf / Philodendron Scandens- This quick growing plant has beautiful dark green heart shape leaves and works nicely on a corner book shelf or as a hanging plant. The Heartleaf needs indirect sunlight so think about a place in your home that does not get too much sun. You will need to water this plant when the top inch of the soil is dry, so try adding a few ice cubes to the soil every few days just in case your forget to water this plant.
  2. Snake Plant- This large plant is low patience and is perfect if you don't have a great track record with plants. If you travel a lot or you just forget to tend to your plants, the snake plant could be a good fit for you. Try a large planter for a pop of color and place it in a room that needs lightening up. It's important to note that if consumed, this plant does have a low toxicity level. To be safe, keep this plant up and away from kids and pets.
  3. Cornstalk Dracaena- This plant is called the corn plant for short and is known for removing several types of toxins from the air. So not only will it look beautiful in your home, but it will help you breathe a little easier as well. Since this plant has a tall tree-like shape, it makes it a great addition to any room by adding height and dimension.
  4. Succulents- Succulents are easy to maintain and are popping up in gardens inside and outside of our homes because they look so great too. It's important to remember that succulents have fragile roots so don't overwater these little plants. Just be sure the soil id dry in between watering.
  5. Cactus Garden- It doesn't matter the season, cacti look great all year and can survive inside your home with just a little bit of attention. Mix and match colorful pots for a fun display and just be sure to wear gloves when working with these little plants to keep your fingers from getting hurt.