5 No-Brainer Pieces to Take You Into Fall

posted: 09/12/16
by: Katherine Sosnoff
Distressed Denim
Hello Fashion


As a semi-new mom, I have admittedly fallen into the clich? yoga-pants-on-the-daily routine that I always told myself I would avoid at all costs. After all, when you're cleaning up the aftermath of your son learning to feed himself rice and chasing after a toddler who thinks that fireplace tools are way more exciting than any of his hundreds of toys, the last thing you want is to be stuck in uncomfortable clothes.

Fall, however, means new beginnings and if you're stuck in a bit of a fashion rut like me, check out these five easy pieces for fall. These effortless pieces will make your fall wardrobe comfortable and stylish, so you can finally ditch those yoga pants and use them for, you know, yoga.

Ankle Boots: Booties are flattering on everyone because they don't cut off the leg line the way some of the trendy over-the-knee boots do. They're also super comfortable, yet still give some height, if you grab a low heel or wedge. Stylish, easy to walk in and flattering? Sign me up!

Image Source: Truelane

Poncho: Maybe this is the post-maternity me talking, but I love a good poncho. They're stylish and fun, but also so comfortable and forgiving. Try a neutral for something easy to pair with other pieces in your wardrobe, or a classic pattern to make it more of a statement piece. A poncho takes you through those early fall months when you don't quite need a coat yet and you'll look super polished while feeling like you're wearing a sweatshirt.

Image Source: Simply Lauren Rose

Bomber Jacket: While I have an old suede jacket that I love, babies and suede don't mix, so it will be staying in my closet until I can be assured it wont be decorated with squash puree. A great alternative is the bomber jacket, which has become super popular. Styled with some tennis shoes and jeans, the bomber jacket is casual but fun and trendy for fall.

Image Source: What Vero Wears

Distressed Denim: While not new, distressed denim is everywhere this fall and for good reason. It gives jeans a casual feel while adding some visual interest to a usually-in-the-background piece. I'm not a fan of wearing 'trendy' jean shapes, because let's face it, not everyone can pull off a high-rise skinny jean, however the great thing about this trend is that you can find distressing on virtually any jean silhouette. Check out our celeb-inspired piece on denim to get some inspiration.

Image Source: Hello Fashion

Shirtdress: Ah, the shirtdress. This is a perennial favorite of mine that also happens to be on trend this fall. Shirtdresses are incredibly easy to wear and flattering on most body types, so while trendy, they're also a classic that you'll have in your closet for years to come.

Image Source: Gal Meets Glam