5 New Hobbies to Consider for 2017

posted: 01/09/17
by: Katie Morton

The New Year isn't just a moment for essential reflection and ambitious resolutions, it also happens to be the perfect time for new beginnings--and that includes picking up a new hobby!

Whatever 2017 goals you chose to pursue--whether it's getting fit, stretching your brain, or exercising those creative muscles--new hobbies are a wonderful way to help you execute on them. Here are some of our top choices for 2017.

1. Rock Climbing

Whether it's at a local gym or out in nature, rock climbing is not only a really fun way to spend an afternoon, it's also an amazing workout! You don't have to be a body builder or even a super active person--rock climbing is an inclusive hobby that literally anyone can get involved in.

2. Surfing

When we watch the movies or see the photos, it feels like surfing is a hobby reserved for only the young and balanced. Luckily, that couldn't be further from the truth. Surf classes are a fun, active way to spend a day at the beach with your girlfriends or your family. Oh, and your arms will thank you afterwards! Don't have the waves or nice weather to support this beach hobby? Give on-land surfing a try.

3. Hiking

Hiking and nature walks are one of the best and most relaxing ways to experience the beauty of the outdoors. And it doesn't have to be a hobby where you go it alone--bring along the kids or make new friends by joining a local hiking club.

4. Playing a Musical Instrument

From piano to guitar to drums, learning how to play a musical instrument is one of the most fun ways to exercise your brain. Studies have shown that playing an instrument can greatly improve your memory, the speed at which you process information, and other cognitive functions. Plus, who didn't dream about being a rock star at one point in their life?

5. Cooking Classes

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We all get our fair share of new recipes and cooking lessons from our favorite TV shows and social media, but how often do we actually get to replicate those masterpieces in our own kitchen? Between work, the kids, and all our other responsibilities, finding two to three hours to set aside for prepping and cooking an elaborate feast can not only feel daunting, but downright impossible. A good way around that: cooking classes! From the Essentials of Tuscan Cooking to Tacos and Tequila, there's a class that's sure to wet your appetite. Insider tip: Don't have a cooking school nearby? Fret not. Take a look at your local community college--they frequently offer cooking classes.

The New Year is all about creating a happier, healthier, more fulfilled you. Now is the time to explore fun hobbies that will help you do just that!