5 Must-Do End of Summer Activities for Your Family

posted: 08/08/16
by: Amanda Mushro
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    5 Must-Do End of Summer Activities for Your Family

    Before we close the books on the sweet days of summer, let’s squeeze a little more fun out of summer vacation. So before your kids head back to school and every store starts putting out fall decorations, here’s five must do end of summer activities your entire family will love.

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    Ice Cream For Dinner

    Here’s your chance to not worry about what you’re making for dinner and skip the battle to get your kids to eat all their veggies. Try this summertime favorite from Kate Gosselin from Kate Plus 8 and start an ice cream for dinner tradition. Take the kids out, let them pick their favorite flavors and toppings, and watch them dig in and enjoy those last precious moments of summer. You’ve probably had a lot of ice cream this summer, but ice cream for dinner is a summer memory your kids will love.

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    Messy Play

    While the weather is warm and kids just want to be outside, now is the time to let them get messy, really messy. Just keep a few buckets of water or a baby pool outside to clean them off once they’re done. Find all the great messy play ideas here.

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    Let them Stay Up Late

    After a long summer day of endless play with my kids, bedtime can’t come fast enough. But, before this summer ends, let your kids stay up late and take advantage of playing under the stars with flashlight tag, catching fireflies, and using glow sticks to swim or play a few games.

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    Watch a Movie Outside

    If you’re lucky enough to have a drive-in theater near you, take your kids to watch a movie outside. Can’t find a drive-in? Then you can always make one with an inexpensive projector and hanging a white bed sheet to act as a screen.

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    Be a Tourist for a Day

    Take a day trip to somewhere close to you and visit the museums, catch all local attractions, and sample the local cuisine. You don’t need to spend a fortune on this short trip, and with a little planning, you can play tourist for the day somewhere new.