5 Makeup Tips to Take You from Wake up to Wow in 5 Minutes

posted: 03/27/15
by: Rene Syler
5 makeup tips to take you from wake up to wow

Mornings at my house are a bit like an afternoon at NASCAR: loud, fast, and ther's a whole lot of shouting. I'll bet you can relate. So I try to make things as streamlined as possible for the kids and me (my husband is on his own and his routine was already pretty basic). One of the places I save colossal amounts of time is in the make-up mirror, though it wasn't always that way.

Back when I had that TV gig and was on-air everyday, the make-up artist spent at least 45 minutes on me, playing up my good features and working hard to hide the non-TV-friendly ones. Now, I'm not on air everyday (and have accepted those flaws), so I've been able to cut that time drastically. Here's how I go from wake-up to wow in just about 5 minutes and you can too.

5-Minute Makeup: How To Get a Fresh Face Fast
Clean and moisturize your face: You wouldn't put dirty clothes on a clean body would you? The premise is the same here. As for moisturizer, I usually use one with an SPF of 15 all the time. Even in the wintertime, you need to protect your skin from the sun.

Use a simple but good foundation: No more heavy pancake make-up for me. It's faster, easier and more natural looking to go with something like a tinted moisturizer. I use a foundation brush, which gives fast and even coverage. Make sure to clean your brushes regularly (I used baby shampoo), as that will also help your make-up go on evenly.

Brush your face with powder: Again, I'm trying to stay away from that heavily made-up look, so I choose a loose powder and apply with a brush. During the day, instead of piling on more, I just use blot powder or blot papers on the shiny areas.

Play up the cheeks: Powder blush, applied with a brush, is the way to go for me. You could also use cream blush (my daughter has one that comes in a stick), but if you do, make sure you use it before the powder.

Brighten the eyes and gloss the lips: This was the best trick I learned from my TV make-up artist. She would sweep a bit of blush over my eyelids before the eye shadow and instantly I looked wide awake. These days I do that instead of color. I add a little eyeliner, mascara and a sheer lip color and I'm out the door.

How do you manage to look good, fast? We want to know! Share your secrets in the comments below.