5 Low-Calorie, Hearty and Healthy Winter Meals That Will Have You Craving More

posted: 10/12/16
by: Katie Morton
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    Zucchini Noodles and Shrimp

    Tired of always eating your vegetables roasted, boiled or sautéed? It’s time you got yourself a spiralizer! A popular trend in eating healthy is turning veggies into noodles. By turning your zucchini into noodles, you can have guilt-free pasta anytime you like. Add in pesto and pan-seared shrimp for a delightful taste you’re sure to love.

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    Gazpacho with Kale & Beet Salad

    Whether it’s summer or fall, nothing beats a tasty Gazpacho. It’ll certainly put those last remaining tomatoes to good use. Plus, it’s healthy and easy to prepare—all you need is a blender and voila! Pair it with a kale and beet salad to add more colors and flavors to your meal.

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    Grilled Tilapia with Sautéed Kale

    Looking for a filling, nutritious meal but with minimal calories? Look no further than fish! Not sure the kids will go crazy for it? Try a white, mild fish like Tilapia. Lightly season, grill, and serve—it’s that simple. Pair it with some sautéed kale to add a little green to your dish.

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    Turkey Chili

    Turkey Chili is a healthy, easy option to make meals for the entire week. Using lean turkey meat (in place of ground beef) keeps calories at bay while preserving the taste. Add all the ingredients into the slow cooker on Sunday and let it cook while you’re hanging out with the kids. You can have dinner for the whole family for the week or freeze half and save it for later.

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    Socca Mediterranean Pizza

    Let’s face it: pizza is a crowd pleaser. But with thick crust and tons of cheese, it’s not necessarily the first meal that comes to mind when you’re interested in eating healthy. Luckily, all that’s needed are a couple of small modifications and you can make a family favorite into a healthy dinner option. Sub out your traditional pizza dough for chickpea flour and top with ricotta, feta and a variety of veggies. Who says eating well has to take hours of kitchen prep? Thanks to fresh produce and a little bit of creativity, making a delicious and nutritious dinner has never been easier! Next time you're in a jam to cook a quick, guilt-free meal, turn to one of these five options.