5 Kitchen Organization Hacks That Will Make Your Life Way Easier

posted: 02/26/16
by: Amanda Mushro

If the kitchen is the busiest room in your house, you already know that keeping it clean and organized is a daily chore. And if you cook like me, you'll find a way to use every pot, pan, bowl, knife, and spoon for every simple dish you cook. So why not use a few simple life hacks to make this process a little easier on yourself? You'll still have to wash the dishes, but at least your cupboards will be organized.

1. Trash tricks = easy cleanup
Make garbage duty less of a dirty job by attaching small command hooks upside down on both sides of the can and loop the drawstrings onto the hooks. Now your garbage bag will always stay in place and won't fall down inside the can! It's a little sad how happy this hack makes me. Here's a bonus tip: Line the bottom of the garbage can with yesterday's newspaper to catch any spilled liquids and soak up odors.

2. Stop playing hide-and-seek with tupperware lids
Never lose another plastic lid by organizing and storing them in small dish drainers from the dollar store.

3. Turn a shoe rack into sink storage
Declutter the counter space around your sink by using a portion of an over-the-door shoe rack inside the cupboard that is under the sink. Store all your sponges, scrubbing brushes, gloves, and items that get easily lost like the sink plug in the pockets

4. Clean up your cleaners
A small tension rod inside the cupboard under the sink gives you the perfect place to hang all of your cleaners--just be sure to keep this cupboard locked if you have kiddos in your house.

5. Organize the junk drawer
Organize your kitchen "junk drawer" by putting small, plastic containers inside the drawer. Use strips of Velcro to ensure the containers don't move get shuffled around. This will cut down on clutter and give everything a place.

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