5 Items You Can Leave Off Your Baby Registry

posted: 08/20/15
by: Blythe Copeland
Friends having fun at a baby shower

If baby stores had their way, new parents would register for everything in the store used by kids from birth until preschool -- including every size of car seat, potty training gear, and toys they won't be able to use for years to come. And for first time parents, a list like that can feel more than a little overwhelming. But you can have a happy baby without going overboard on gifts and gear, and leaving these five items off your registry is one place to start.

1. Clothes

We know the teeny tiny baby clothes are so hard to resist once the customer service rep hands you that registry scanner -- but clothes are a go-to gift for nearly everyone who wants to shop for your new baby, so you'll get plenty without registering for them. If you find out the baby's gender during the pregnancy, expect the clothes to start arriving early; if it's a delivery room surprise, people will send even more outfits to rescue your little one from a wardrobe of all yellow and green. The exception: Onesies. Registering for a variety of sizes stops you from ending up with 30 newborn size onesies and nothing for your baby to wear when he hits three months.

2. Toys

You don't have to leave off toys entirely, but you'll find so many other items you need more urgently in the first six months -- bottles, diapers, blankets, burp cloths -- that a full toy box will seem more than a little unnecessary. (Bigger play items though, like jumpers and play mats, can make good group gifts, so add those if you find one you love.) If you do choose to register for a few toys, keep it simple: Stacking cups, a soft ball, a rattle, and a set of basic blocks are perfect first playthings for your little one.

3. A full set of bottles

Bottles are a tricky item to register for, because it's pretty much impossible to know which kind your baby will like (or if she will take one at all). If you are planning to nurse and use bottles interchangeably, ask the lactation consultants at your hospital for their recommended brands, and then register for one or two bottles from a few different companies. Open and wash one at a time until you find the kind that your baby likes--and then return the unopened options and exchange them for more of baby's favorite.

4. A bassinet

Those tiny, frilly bassinets look like they would be a picture-perfect place to put your brand new baby down to sleep when you bring him home from the hospital. Here's the problem: Babies outgrow bassinets awfully fast, and then you have a whole piece of furniture to find a place to store. Try a portable crib instead (another bonus: they're easier to clean), or a co-sleeper that keeps the baby right next to you.

5. Wipes warmer

Is a wipes warmer the most controversial baby item you can buy? We know moms who swear by them as must-haves for a happy baby, and other moms who think they're nothing but a waste of space. We'll leave the final decision on this one up to you, but good luck using it without hearing your grandmother's voice in the back of your head, reminding you that her babies turned out just fine without warmed wipes.