5 Indoor Activities To Keep Your Family From Going Stir-Crazy

posted: 11/23/15
by: Courtney Reimer
indoor activity

As the weather turns cold and the holiday vacation approaches, you can feel the dread set in: that dread of everyone cooped up and going stir crazy. But fear not: there are some great ways to stave off cabin fever before everyone descends into madness. Here are a few of our favorite ways to keep busy when the weather keeps you indoors.

1. Get everyone in on the cooking and/or baking action. This one is doubly useful because A) it gives you extra hands in the kitchen and B) it keeps those hands and bodies busy. If not everyone is a whiz in the kitchen (i.e., younger kids), you can make up a pretend baking project that will keep them occupied while the grownups get things done.

2. Go to Ikea. In many ways, a family shopping trip can sound like a nightmare, but believe us when we say their ball pits, climbing walls and mazes are a godsend for a kid in need of getting their energy out. If there's not an Ikea nearby, don't rule out the play places at your local mall. A lot of local publications even rate them for you so you know you're going to the best one.

3. Have a dance party in your living room. Or basement, or bedroom. Just put on some tunes (we often use the music channels on the TV or a streaming music service like Pandora or Spotify) and start grooving. It'll get people laughing AND moving, which are both very good things when sunshine is in short supply.

4. Go to a show. Sure, it's not a super-active activity, but even a change of scenery can help beat the worst cases of cabin fever. If you're taking your kids out for their first "theater" experience, we recommend "live" versions of their favorite TV shows, like PBS Kids' "Wild Kratts."

5. When in doubt, bounce. If you've tried everything else and everyone is still bouncing off the walls, may we recommend checking out one of your local bounce-house destinations? Typically known for being block-party or birthday-party fare, there are actually whole venues devoted to inflatables.