5 Ideas for Best Friend Tattoos That Are Actually Awesome

posted: 06/14/17
by: Kristine Boyd

There is a moment in every friendship where you decide to that you need to make it official. It starts with best friend necklaces you bought in middle school, then matching t-shirts and eventually you will even share the last slice of pizza with this person. But nothing says best friends forever like a tattoo. It takes a special kind of friend to do this. Whether you want something simple or more elaborate, these ideas for best friend tattoos are awesome!

Heart Tattoo

These heart tattoos are adorable. This is the perfect idea for two friends who don't want anything too big. They are small and very simple but every time you look at it you will think of your best friend.


Artistic Tattoo

This one is perfect for best friends who share their love of art. It is an elaborate, beautiful design that will show off your creative side. You and your bestie can even draw up your own design to make it even more special.


No Matter What Tattoo

These "no matter what" tattoos are great for friends who want something with sentimental meaning. This is the tattoo to get if you have a friend who has been there for you through everything. You can even get these tattooed in your best friends handwriting.


Bird Tattoo

These bird tattoos are so adorable and meaningful. Many birds symbolize love and peace which is a great reminder for you and your best friend to have daily.

Pinky Promise Tattoo

Pinky promise tattoos have recently become a popular matching tattoo idea as a promise to stay friends forever. There is also a variation of this tattoo where the word "promise" is written on one of your pinkies. Both are great ideas for a best friend tattoo!

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