5 Holiday Hacks for Busy Moms

posted: 11/29/16
by: Katie Morton

The holiday season is inherently overwhelming because of the extra demands, expectations and responsibilities placed on our time, energy, and budgets. As moms, we want everyone to be happy: our spouse, kids, grandparents, and colleagues. It's tough to manage it all.

If you feel trepidation about your impending December to do list, we've got some pro tips that will help. Rashida McKenzie, owner and founder of Queen Bee Concierge, knows how to make sure the holidays are enjoyable for even the busiest of moms.

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    Holiday Hack #1: Let Your Presents Double as Decor

    Decking the halls can be a time-consuming, costly process. This year let your holiday gifts take center stage. Shiny gift wrap and glittery bows are beautiful enough to stand on their own as holiday decor, so why hide them under the tree? Simply arrange presents artfully on your mantle, a chair, or even your bookcase.

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    Holiday Hack #2: Don't Limit Yourself to “Christmas Only” Decorations

    Seasonal decorations are fun. However, don’t feel as though you need to have a dedicated closet chockfull of snowmen and Santas just for one month. Expand your decor by multitasking with home accessories that can be used for multiple seasons. Glass cylinders with candles can be used year-round, and moved around the house to grace everything from the powder room console to the dining room dinner table.

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    Holiday Hack #3: Repurpose Holiday Cards as Phone Contacts

    An overflowing mailbox full of lovingly stamped and hand-addressed holiday cards makes everyone smile. But after the holidays are over, what do you do with these glossy images of smiling families? Queen Bee Concierge recommends repurposing holiday card images as contact photos in your phone. This allows you to put the photos to good use, so you don’t feel bad about recycling them in January.

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    Holiday Hack #4: ’Tis the Season to Embrace Technology

    Minimizing holiday stress? Guess what—there’s an app for that! With a touch of your smart phone, you can delegate, organize, list, shop, and budget. Queen Bee recommends Touchnote to send holiday cards and notes directly from your phone. For shopping, the app Santa’s Bag can tackle your gift list, while keeping you on budget and tracking total spending. The app even helps you organize your shopping with customized profiles for all your gift list recipients. Who needs elves when you have Apple?

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    Holiday Hack #5: Don’t Let Running Out of Wrapping Paper Foil Your Plans

    It’s 12:01 AM on Christmas Eve and you just used the last sliver of wrapping paper. Don’t panic, head to the kitchen. In a pinch, reach for a roll of good old-fashioned aluminum foil and some ribbon to wrap your gift. The metallic finish lends a surprisingly elegant winter look to your makeshift wrap job. If you’re out of foil, even a simple box tied with a ribbon can look decorator worthy. And the best holiday hack of all: remember, your presence is the best present you can give your family. Everything else can be outsourced if needed. Keep your eyes open to the experiences, the joy of your children and family, and the warmth of the season so you appreciate what the holidays are all about.