5 Habits of a Successful “Girl Boss”

posted: 01/05/18
by: Kristine Boyd


Calling all girl bosses! It's officially 2018 and everyone is putting their all into making those New Year's resolutions a reality. Many strong females are replacing the simple, "get fit, eat healthy" goal with something bigger and bolder. Shooting to reach professional goals has become the focus of many females to prove their position in the workplace. Whether you are trying to start your own business, get a raise or simply crush whatever tasks your job ensues, these habits will get you closer to your goals!

  1. Make To-Do Lists the Night Before

Every girl boss starts her day with a plan. To make this an effective habit, try planning your day the night before. Get a notebook or a pad of paper specifically for to-do lists. Every night before you go to sleep make a detailed to-do lists of everything you need to get done the next day. Include everything from a major work presentation to a 10-minute workout. Here's how to make an effective to do list!

  1. Rise and Grind!

There is no time in the day to waste! Get up early and start attacking your day. Make the habit of getting up earlier on the weekdays to complete extra goals you wouldn't have done if you woke up later. Whether you have a side hustle, hobbies you want to make time for or simply want to take time to make a proper breakfast, this extra time will help you accomplish more in your day!

  1. Practice the 10-Minute Tidy Up

No one can properly work in a messy space. If you're at home or in an office, you should try practicing the 10-minute tidy up. Set a timer for 10 minutes and clean up as much as you can. When the timer goes off, you can go back to work and you are guaranteed to focus better. It can seem like there is no time in the day to clean, but with this trick, you will be able to stay on top of it with no problem!

  1. Always Keep Learning

Just because you are out of school does not give any girl boss an excuse to stop learning. Pick up books, listen to podcasts or read blogs that interest you and allow you to learn about new things. You can take the time to research new things on your commute to work, early in the morning, or for an hour on the weekends. This is a great habit to keep acquiring new knowledge and skills!

  1. Rest Like a Queen

Every girl boss needs their beauty rest in order to crush their goals. Don't skip your down time! At the end of each hard work day, do something to treat yourself. This could be anything from drawing a big bubble bath or binge watching 90-day fianc? on TLCgo. Whatever makes you de-stress and feel good is what you should do! Always rest like the queen you are. Here are inexpensive ways to treat yourself everyday!

Implementing these habits will help turn your goals into reality. They are small changes you can make that have a big effect on your life! Try out one of these habits and see how great you feel and the results will speak for themselves!