5 Great Ideas for How to Embrace Hats This Season

posted: 01/15/16
by: TLCme

It's hat season (a.k.a. winter), and you know what your mom always told you about the cold weather: you lose 50% of your heat through your head, so put on a hat! Science has since debunked that myth, but it's still a good idea to keep your topper cozy -- not to mention fashionable. Here's some great inspiration for how to stay stylish while you stay warm.

1. Go for a brim. Hats with brims just scream "this girl has serious style." The one in this photo is from Forever 21, so it's not only stylish, but affordable, too.

If there's one accessory I love so much, it's a cute hat. Happy #nationalhatday ? #fashionblogger #tgif

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2. Don't pass on the puff. We love how the puff at the top of this otherwise plain stocking cap give it a little playfulness.

#nationalhatday @adorna_official #hat #hair #tubeskirt #tgif #weekendvibes ??? Shabbat shalom!

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3. Get your man in on it. Hats used to be the standard for a man going to work (or really just leaving the house). A great hat can up a guy's style game in no time flat.

In celebration of National Hat Day #GoorinBros #GoorinNHD #NationalHatDay

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4. Bedazzle it. While we don't expect you to go to the jeweled lengths of this stunning museum piece, there is something to be said for a little sparkle on your noggin. That way even if the weather isn't sparkling, you can be!

5. Newsboys are always a good go-to. Having a bad hair day? Not quite ready for prime time? Plop on a cute newsboy cap and you've got instant style. It's a hat that flatters every face, even on its not-best days.