5 Genius Ways to Rethink Recycling

posted: 11/13/15
by: TLCme

Sure, you're a conscientious recycler and put all of your bottles and paper goods in the proper bins, but did you know there are other ways you can work recycling into your daily life? Here are some great ideas from around the web to get you started.

1. Make the most of your empties. After you drain a wine bottle you plop it into the bin, no brainer. But what about the cork? The upcycling (another word for reusing items instead of disposing of them) opportunities are virtually endless. We love how this brilliant person transformed used corks into music-note wall art.

2. Visualize alternate uses. Is your cheese grater due for an upgrade? Reuse it as a light shade. The holes make for pleasantly dappled light patterns.

Kitchen lamps made from graters. Great idea - what do you think?

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3. Compost your food scraps -- and pumpkins! If you've not yet disposed of those jack o' lanterns (you're not alone), Keep America Beautiful reminds us they are totally good for composting.

4. One woman's garbage can be the same one's decor. Before you throw out all of those bills and junk mail, think about paper crafts they might be useful for. We love how Instagrammer Mae Carm Elle repurposed her medical paperwork. (If you're not ready to share that with the world, printer misfires, unwanted catalog covers and the like will work well, too. The Easy DIY has a great how-to for these kinds of wreaths, by the way.)

Pamugas na ni! #medicalrecords #christmasdecor #recycled

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5. Remember: fashion is cyclical. Trends come and go -- and often come back again. People's tastes often change before clothes wear out, so don't be afraid to check out your local consignment or thrift shop for some great, lesser-prices clothes. And be sure to donate your own unworn clothes to keep the cycle going.