5 Fresh Colors to Paint Your Bathroom

posted: 07/13/15
by: Mara Betsch

There's a reason most bathrooms are painted lighter colors -- they can make a small, dark spaces seem brighter and more open. But that doesn't mean your only options are white and beige. These paint colors will add a burst of color to your space without making your washroom look like a circus. Try one of these colorful, but tasteful paints for your next interior design project.

With a mix of blue and green, this color will make your room seem like a tropical paradise. A pastel aqua will open up any room, and it works really well with neutral and metallic accents. Casa Haus has some inspiration for you below:

Not everyone wants a egg yolk-colored bathroom, but a subtle yellow is a great pick for a bathroom with very little natural light. Just don't go neon, or you'll make the space seem ever smaller. The enviable buttercream bathroom seen below can be found in Austin, Texas.

This is a great gender-neutral bathroom color, and both dark or light cabinetry can be used, depending on your aesthetic. This look from HGTV works in an older, more historic home.

This purple with grey undertones can soften a room and make it more feminine, but if this bathroom is shared, copper accents can make it slightly more masculine. You can even try darker purple curtains or shower curtains to create a more regal feel.

Everything's coming up roses with this pink-based color. Use it to paint an accent wall, or you can even try painting your cabinetry for a bold look. It also offsets grey for a classic look. See what Fynes Designs did below.