5 Fresh Bedroom Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

posted: 06/15/15
by: Blythe Copeland

Whether you're preparing for a new addition to the family or moving your toddler into his or her own big kid room, these easy ideas can help you come up with a design plan that's whimsical and fun--just like your little one--without creating a style that your child outgrows in just a few months.

1. Go for the gold

Add a little extra sparkle and shine to a girl's room with chic gold accents. The metallic color pairs well with coral, mint, aqua, lavender, and white, turning a basic baby nursery into a sophisticated space. How to do it: Add gold hardware to a sleek dresser; use metallic gold spray paint to update a thrifted lamp base or mirror frame; look for gold-tinged furniture that makes a bold statement; choose a bedding set with gold accents; or go temporary with shiny wall decals. Just be sure to exercise restraint: You don't want every surface covered in shiny gold paint.

2. Bring the outdoors in

Baby boy rooms with a nature theme used to be nothing but cartoon jungle animals--but now taking your cues from the great outdoors means thinking way beyond monkeys and elephants. Accent walls made of reclaimed wood paneling, and mobiles or wall decor that incorporate real branches and other natural elements, offer a twist on traditional decorations. And bedding sets with themes including camping, outer space, anchors, and airplanes are sweet without being too babyish.

3. Share the space

Whether your kids are sharing a room for practical reasons (hello, twins!) or because you're short on space, it makes sense to put the two tiniest members of your household in one room--especially if it means opening up space elsewhere for a playroom, family room, or office. A neutral room is one option, but you can also bring complementary colors and patterns together, like the Pottery Barn example above; start with white walls and matching cribs, and then layer in rugs, bedding, curtains, and art that coordinate with each other.

4. Keep it simple

Planning a gender-neutral nursery has its benefits even if you aren't waiting to be surprised in the delivery room: It means you won't have to redo the room for future kids, and that you can likely even turn it into a more grown-up space after your baby days are done. Pale gray, sandy tan, off-white, and light green are all wall color options that will grow with your kids (and your family). Choose a recliner you wouldn't be opposed to putting in your living room, and then add easily-changed accents in more kid friendly colors: a bright pink lamp, navy blue storage bins, colorful artwork, and a painted bookshelf.

5. Add an accent wall

Wallpaper, decals, and paint all let you add a little extra oomph to one wall of your baby's room: Think of it as a boost of interest without a four-wall commitment. If you're painting, choose stripes, alternating triangles, or a contrasting color. Vinyl decals (which you can buy pre-made or DIY from vinyl sheets) are easy to remove and restick, and come in versions that include trees, clouds, stars, and quotes. Wallpaper is the most permanent choice, but it can also be the most striking--or subtle, depending on the pattern you choose--from tone-on-tone stars to bright, cheery lemons.