5 Fast, Easy, and Cheap Solutions for a More Organized Laundry Room

posted: 08/28/15
by: Blythe Copeland

Well-meaning friends will say that, since you spend so much time in the laundry room, it should be a soothing, pretty, and comfortable place. We would respectfully disagree: The laundry room is a place you want to be in and out of as quickly as possible, so it should be organized, neat, and efficient in whatever way helps you move on with life after laundry. Here are five simple ways to make the most of a small space -- each under $50.

1. A wall-mounted drying rack.

The free-standing rack you've been using since college is handy on days when you can move it to the patio and dry items outside, but for day-to-day hang-drying, a wall-mounted version saves much-needed floor space. Flip it down so it's flush against the wall when you're not using it, and raise it to hang delicate items or bathing suits when you need extra hooks. (Grundtal drying rack, Ikea, $20)

2. A laundry sorter.

Tired of clothes piling up downstairs? Whether it's dirty socks that come off when your husband walks in the door, filthy sports clothes your kids drop off after practice, or your own full gym bag that you leave in the laundry room after a workout, having a compartmentalized bin lets you pre-sort (while keeping the rest of the room free from piles of dirty clothes). (Storage Maniac laundry sorter, Amazon, $50)

3. An ironing board holder.

You can try to keep your ironing board standing up behind the door to your laundry room, or balanced between the washer and dryer, but hanging it--and your iron--on the wall will save you valuable floor area and keep your board clean enough for de-wrinkling your just-washed clothes. (Ironing Organizer, The Container Store, $15)

4. Wall shelves and baskets.

If you don't have a stacking washer and dryer, make the most of the space above your machines by filling the wall with shelving and lidded baskets. You can use this space to store baskets of cleaning supplies or extra dry goods (like paper towels, toilet paper, or diapers); give miscellaneous laundry tools a place to live; and hide all the other semi-random items that seem to collect there. (Home Decorators Collection floating shelf, $20, Home Depot; Kelby lidded baskets, $40-$50, Crate and Barrel)

5. Printable laundry guides.

This printable laundry guide from Clean Mama isn't exactly artwork -- but it almost could be, with its clear, graphic layout and crisp organization. Keep a copy above your washer to remind yourself (and any laundry helpers) how to read the care tags of your favorite pieces, from wash temperatures to ironing instructions, and make sure your best sweaters don't end up shrunken or bleached. (Printable laundry guide, free, CleanMama.net)