5 Eye-Catching Ways to Create an Indoor Garden

posted: 04/14/16
by: Blythe Copeland

You don't have to have a gigantic backyard -- or a green thumb, for that matter -- to enjoy a little greenery. Whether you're a devoted outdoor gardener who can't wait to get started on this year's backyard vegetables or a plant lover who just wants to add a little more green indoors, there's an inside planting system for you. From touchscreen growers and custom seed starters to wall-mounted herb gardens and chic planters, check out these gorgeous ideas.

1. Freestanding Vertical Garden

Master chefs can create a year-round supply of fresh herbs with a freestanding vertical garden from Williams-Sonoma. This wooden stand offers 40 planting cells for basil, cilantro, parsley, and other herbs, keeping a garden's worth close at hand in any season while creating a striking focal point for your kitchen. (Williams-Sonoma, $500)

2. AeroGarden Harvest Touch

Killed a few plants before? Here's your answer! AeroGarden hydroponic planters make it easy to grow herbs, lettuce, and flowers inside -- even if you don't exactly have a green thumb -- and the newest version, the Harvest Touch, includes a touchscreen control panel to remind you when it's time to add water and nutrients. The optional Grow Anything kit lets you start your own choice of seeds, which you can transplant into an outdoor garden after the last frost. (AeroGarden Harvest Touch, $230)

3. Cedar Herb Planter

If your idea of gardening doesn't involve electronic touchscreens or wall-sized planters, get back to basics with this chic cedar planter from Andrews Reclaimed on Etsy. It's simple, effective, and pretty: Drainage holes help plants thrive, the 3.5"x11" dimensions allow it to fit precisely on your windowsill, and a modern finish adds a warm touch to your kitchen. (Andrews Reclaimed, $47)

4. Stack-n-Grow Light System

Hit the ground growing by pre-starting a season's worth of seeds with the Stack-n-Grow light system from Gardener's Supply Company. The sturdy shelves and easy-to-raise lights give your seedlings a strong start indoors, so you can transplant as soon as the ground thaws and enjoy your backyard harvest much sooner. You can also stack as many as four shelves to create a custom size for your space. (Gardener's Supply Company, from $169)

5. Valley Hanging Planter

Create a colorful indoor plant space -- even in a small room -- with geometric stoneware planters from Uncommon Goods. Handmade in Texas, the 5-inch containers are a stylish way to house small succulents, draping houseplants, or petite blooms, while the cord allows you to hang them in front of your sunniest kitchen window, in your office for a little natural inspiration, or in a cluster on your front porch. (Uncommon Goods, $64 each)