5 Essential Dessert Dips for Entertaining That Your Guests Will Swoon Over

posted: 09/01/17
by: Blythe Copeland

Iconic desserts -- including tiramisu, brownies, and cheesecake -- get a finger-food makeover in these recipes for sweet dessert dips. Whether you're feeding a crowd, putting a small container in a child's lunchbox, or hosting a no-forks-allowed cocktail party, these twists on the classics are a fun alternative to formal presentations.

Tiramisu Dip
Rachel Cooks

1. Tiramisu

The classic combination of chocolate and espresso that makes tiramisu such a popular dessert comes through in this recipe for tiramisu dip from Rachel Cooks. By incorporating espresso powder and cocoa powder into a mixture of cream cheese and marscapone cheese, you're left with a creamy, dippable dessert. Ladyfingers are the obvious choice for scooping, but chocolate wafers, vanilla cookies, or fruit will also pair well.

Funfetti Cake Batter Dip
The Chunky Chef

2. Funfetti Cake Batter

Don't have time to make an elaborate iced cake? Try this five minute, four-ingredient recipe for Funfetti cake batter dip from The Chunky Chef. Mix cream cheese and Cool Whip until smooth and combined, then stir in a box of dry Funfetti cake mix. Add milk to thin it for easier dipping, and serve with cookies, iced animal crackers, or strawberries.

Brownie Batter Dip
Life as a Lofthouse

3. Brownie Batter

If your favorite part of making brownies is licking the mixing spoon, then brownie batter dip from Taste of Home gives you all the chocolate flavor without the raw eggs. Mis cream cheese, butter, confectioners sugar, cocoa, milk, brown sugar, and vanilla into a rich dip and top with your favorite candies (think mini M&Ms, chopped peanut butter cups, white chocolate chips, or caramels); then serve with cookies, wafers, or fruit.

Lemon Bar Dip
Wine and Glue

4. Lemon Bar

Light, cool lemon bars are a refreshing dessert after a heavy meal or a pretty addition to a party dessert table. In dip form -- like in this recipe from Wine and Glue -- they're faster, easier, and just as tasty. The recipe calls for three ingredients -- lemon curd, powdered sugar, and cream cheese -- and can be served immediately. Pair it with graham crackers or shortbread cookies to imitate your favorite flaky crust.

cinnamon cheesecake dip

5. Cinnamon Cheesecake

Though cheesecake is usually served cool -- and with a crust, this warm dip version from Lauren's Latest is a game-changing alternative. A traditional cheesecake filling made from cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla gets a non-traditional brown sugar and cinnamon swirl before you scoop it into the center of a cast iron skillet. Place canned cinnamon rolls around the edge of the skillet and bake. The end result: A warm, creamy dessert surrounded by fresh hot cinnamon rolls ready for dipping.