5 Deliciously Creepy Halloween Dinner Ideas Kids Will Love

posted: 10/28/16
by: Blythe Copeland

Before sending your little ghosts, goblins, and ghouls out for a full night of trick-or-treating, fill them up with a festive Halloween meal. From simple jack-o-lantern quesadillas to scary mummy meatloaf, these kid-friendly dinners are easy to prep ahead, so you can focus on those last minute costume changes.

1. Mummy Meatloaf

Mummy meatloaf may look scary complicated, but it's really just a twist on meatloaf. The trick to this treat is placing onion slices to look like eyes and teeth, and crossing the pasta for a zombie-inspired finished product that's almost too creepy to eat.

2. Jack-O-Lantern Quesadillas

Quesadillas are a quick and simple weeknight meal: They're easy to customize with each kid's favorite fillings -- from refried beans to shredded chicken -- and with a little advance prep, you can have them on the table in ten minutes or less. Samantha at Florassissppi Girl gave hers a Halloween twist by cutting the top tortilla into a jack-o-lantern face for a friendly-looking entree.

3. Chicken Boo-dle Soup

There's no better way to warm up before (or after) a chilly night of trick-or-treating than with classic, kid-friendly chicken noodle soup -- or chicken "boo-dle" soup from Morgan Manages Mommyhood. Notch the top of a carrot before slicing it to create a pumpkin shape, and create bats from bowtie pasta by dyeing the cooked farfalle with black food coloring.

4. Mini Spider Pizzas

Give your favorite pizza recipe a Halloween makeover by adding a few creepy crawly spiders made from sliced black olives, like in this version rom Recipe Runner. Pizza makes a versatile starting point for other holiday designs, too: Try criss-crossed slices of cheese or onions to create mummies, triangles of cheese and pepperoni to mimic a jack-o-lantern, or ghost shapes made from thin slices of cheese and your favorite cookie cutters.

5. Spaghetti and Oozing Eyeballs

Spaghetti and eyeballs may be the simplest way to create a Halloween meal without a lot of extra slicing or creativity: Just prepare your favorite pasta and sauce, add two meatballs (homemade or store-bought), and top with two slices of string cheese and two olive slices. Too spooky for the little ones? Leave off the mozzarella and olives for a plain pasta dish.