5 Convincing Reasons to Build a “She Shed”

posted: 05/14/15
by: Blythe Copeland

For a long time, men had "man caves" and women were lucky if they could carve out space for a craft closet. But now, women are starting to make their own unique spaces, creatively called "She Sheds."

The She Shed is an idea we can totally get behind: A plain shed turned private oasis right in your own backyard. Think of it as an escape from whatever's going on inside your house--your chores, your teens video chatting, your husband's weekly poker night--that you can use for your yoga practice, craft projects, reading nook, journaling desk, or weekly marathon phone calls with your sister. The design options are endless, but most She Sheds have a few things in common: Plenty of windows and doors to let in light and air; a comfortable place to sit; a desk or table; and a soothing atmosphere that will make it your new favorite spot. Here are five of our favorites to help you create your own utopia without leaving your yard.

1. The creekside oasis

Three walls of windows with contrasting trim and an outdoor patio help this shed blend right in with its natural surroundings (of course, the peaceful creekside location doesn't hurt).

2. This rustic mini farmhouse

Rich purple trim, draped curtains, an oversized flower arrangement, and black furniture turn this shed into a luxurious garden retreat.

3. A country-chic abode

For a country-inspired spot, copy the breezy lace curtains, textiles in mixed floral patterns, and painted wicker furniture of this version.

4. The spacious sanctuary

This shed was designed with large doors on one side that allow almost the entire wall to open, providing plenty of fresh air and natural light but closing to protect you in bad weather, too.

5. The gorgeous greenhouse

This building, with floor-to-ceiling windows on all sides and a comfortable daybed inside, is just right for settling in with your favorite magazine and a glass of wine at sunset.