5 Completely Avoidable Online Dating Profile Mistakes

posted: 08/24/15
by: Mara Betsch

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Clinton Kelly is back on TLC joined by Devyn Simone to provide the modern world of online daters with helpful advice!

One in five adults (ages 25-34) have used an online dating site or app, according to a 2013 Pew Research Center survey, and though OK Cupid, Tinder and Match.com are more popular than ever, that doesn't mean we've become experts are presenting our best selves. Luckily, Clinton Kelly and Devyn Simone are here to help! Starting Friday October 2, this dynamic duo will be hosting "Love at First Swipe," a show aimed at helping romance-challenged online daters improve their luck by teaching them Internet dating basics and giving tips on how to build the perfect profile. Until then, see if you're making these five common, but detrimental profile mistakes.

1. Choosing the wrong photos

This is the source of the most profile issues. Often people put only their most flattering photos, post older, and not super accurate photos of themselves, or only post photos of their face. The most important rule is to present an accurate depiction of yourself, so that means if you put up a photo of you as a bridesmaid (with professional hair and makeup), be sure to include one of you on an average weekend so a potential suitor can see what you look like on a regular basis. But that being said, be sure that your photos are of you, and really just you. It's OK to have a friend in one or two of your photos, but putting too many friends in your photos can make someone question which one you are, and that's never ideal. And finally, leave out any photos that show off too much cleavage or skin. Even if you're looking for something casual, you'll be eliminating a group of potential mates who may get the wrong impression.

2. Making your profile too long

Be sure to explain a few key things about yourself (what you like to do, what motivates you) and what you're looking for (things your find attractive and as well as deal breakers), but including paragraph after paragraph about your life may be a turn off. Leave a little mystery so you have something to discuss on your future dates. Besides, no one likes reading a novel when looking for true love!

3. Keeping your interests generic

Nearly everyone on the planet enjoys a good meal and long walks on the beach. So be specific in what you like -- maybe you're into live comedy shows, love bluegrass music, and haven't met a taco you didn't like. And show, don't tell: If you like being outdoors, explain how you like taking vacations at national parks and recruit college friends for an annual girls camp out, etc. Remember, there are a lot of fish in the sea, and you want to be sure to show why you stand out.

4. Not making the first move

If you're interested in someone, don't wait for them to notice you. Especially for girls, you may want a guy to make the first move, but this may delay you meet Mr. Right. So go ahead, send the first message.

5. Writing the same opening message

If you're going to make the first move (see #4), make your first message is original and tailored to that person. If you have a shared interest, mention it. Or mention what stood out from their profile. The generic "Hey, you're cute" is probably not going to cut it, so try your best to make a good, memorable first impression.