5 Clever Ways to Use Tissue Paper to Make Beautiful Crafts

posted: 03/23/16
by: Blythe Copeland
tissue paper flower

Whether you bought a whole packet of tissue paper for a single kids' project or have stacks of random colors filling up your gift-wrapping area, use up your extra stash with these five projects. From tassel garlands and decorative initials to window sun catchers and tissue paper flowers, they're simple enough for kids, too.

1. Tissue paper flower art

The easiest way for kids to work with tissue paper is for them to wrinkle it, and this flower outline printable from Mess for Less lets them make the most of their crumpling. Help little ones make small balls of tissue paper and attach them to the circles in the flower; older kids can choose any color combination that comes to mind, while parents can help younger kids practice matching by coloring in the dots first and offering tissue paper in the same colors.

2. Mini tassel garland

As a decoration for a birthday celebration, end-of-the-school-year party, or big kid bedroom, these mini tassel garlands from Kids Craft Room are a simple (and cute!) way to use tissue paper. You'll need pinking sheers to get the decorative edges, but the only other supplies are ribbons and tissue paper. Don't need a garland? A similar technique lets you make cheerleader-inspired pom-poms for party favors or the dress-up box.

3. Star suncatchers

Many kids' projects use tissue paper for the look of stained glass on suncatchers shaped like spring flowers, fall leaves, and everything in between. This tutorial from Red Ted Art takes the project one step further by creating a star shape out of popsicle sticks -- much sturdier than the paper frames most other how-tos employ -- and filling the interior spaces with a variety of colored tissue paper. Hang a rainbow of brightly colored stars in the dining room, a collection of white and yellow ones at the holidays, or a collection of stars in different shades of the same color in the baby's room.

4. Tissue paper flowers

Bright, crinkly flowers are one of the most popular ways to use tissue paper -- especially since it's so easy to modify the size and colors for your project: Tiny white and yellow ones to dress up a graduation gift; a bouquet of larger blooms for a Mother's Day gift that won't fade; even (if you're feeling up for a challenge) hundreds of handmade versions as wedding centerpieces. Fiber Flux offers instructions for making flowers with pipe cleaner stems, while Hey Let's Make Stuff suggests four different shapes for cutting petals.

5. Confetti letter wall art

Megan at Homemade Ginger found a purpose for her extra tissue paper by turning it into confetti that adds color to a decorative initial for her daughter's room. She used a small hole punch and Mod Podge to cut and layer circles in five different colors, but you can put your own personal touch on the project by using larger circles, a monochromatic color palate, or an ombre design.