5 Brilliant Party Themes for Kids with Winter Birthdays

posted: 11/30/15
by: Blythe Copeland

Kids' birthday parties practically plan themselves when the weather is warm: From parks and playgrounds to pool parties and outdoor barbecues, it's easy to just send your little one and all his or her friends outside to burn off all that cake and ice cream. But during the winter, your party theme needs a little more thought since uncooperative weather can be a major factor. Try one of these five ideas for a fun and memorable birthday.

1. Winter One-derland

Celebrate a first birthday with a party that takes full advantage of the cold weather season by including iconic winter elements: a hot chocolate bar for adults, snowman dip and decorations, marshmallows and peppermint sticks, bottles of water labeled "melted snow," and plenty of frosty glitter and snowflake shapes to decorate your space.

2. Beach/Summer

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Bring back memories of warm weather with a beach-themed party that incorporates all the best parts of your summer vacation. Serve frozen lemonade and set up an ice cream sundae bar; set up stations for playing with kinetic sand or at a water table (if you have an easy-to-mop space available); have kids search for buried treasure in a ball pit or sensory bins; and turn up the heat so you can encourage your guests to wear their favorite summer gear. Give bubbles, sand shovels, beach balls, and buckets as favors.

3. Indoor Camping

Maybe it's too cold for tent camping, but you can still set up an indoor campsite for your little one and his guests. Rearrange the furniture until you have space to set up a tent inside, and cover the floor with picnic blankets. Offer a menu of camping favorites -- hot dogs, chips, s'mores -- and use string lights to make a faux campfire. For games, try making friendship bracelets, coloring wooden discs, or setting up an indoor scavenger hunt.

4. Pajama Party

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Let your guests stay warm and cozy with a birthday pajama party (even if it's not a sleepover). Tell everyone to wear their favorite PJs and bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and stuffed animal. Put together a menu of breakfast foods (try pancakes, donuts, mini boxes of cereal, bacon, and fruit salad) and set up activities like making necklaces from cereal, decorating cupcakes, or running relay races with pancakes.

5. Favorite Storybooks

Your child's favorite book can be the perfect starting point for a memorable birthday party -- no outdoor activities required. Turn your playroom into a jungle a la Where the Wild Things Are, or your dining room into a Madeline-inspired French bistro. Go all out with rose-colored food and decorations for a Pinkalicious party, or bring in favorite farm elements for a Little Blue Truck gala. Pull from your kid's current must-reads for a personalized, easy-to-set up party that everyone will enjoy.