5 Beauty Products You Can Steal From Your Boyfriend

posted: 09/12/16
by: TLCme

Moving in with your significant other is an amazing step in a relationship--but it can also present some challenges. A major hurdle is figuring out how to cut the clutter of two people sharing one living space. One of the biggest problem areas for couples is the bathroom--it's a notoriously busy space and it can be hard to find room for two sets of toothbrushes, shampoos, soaps, etc. BUT have no fear, there some basic bathroom and beauty products you can consolidate. Here are our five favorite products you can steal share with your boyfriend.

Here's a secret, ladies: men's deodorant is the BEST. It provides much stronger protection against sweat and odor and lasts longer too. If you can find a scent the two of you can agree on, there's no reason to have two different brands of deodorant lying around.

Moisturizing Lotion
This is one of the easiest ways to conserve space in your medicine cabinet. Do away with his-and-hers lotion and find a simple, everyday moisturizer you can both use, like Lubriderm Daily Moisturizer.

Men's razors are probably one of the best-kept secrets. Honestly, I'm mad I didn't know about this sooner. They may not be as pretty as women's brands, but man do they provide a close shave!

Body Wash
Odds are you don't want to share shampoo and conditioner with your man, but there's never room to keep a million products in your shower. Save on space by buying a generic body wash you can both use.

Hand soap
There's really no reason you can't share this. Find a scent you both like--and save space on your skink!

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