5 Apps You Need to Download Before You Travel

posted: 06/16/16
by: Amanda Mushro
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    5 Apps You Need to Add to Your Phone Before You Travel This Summer

    Even if you plan to unplug during your next vacation, staying connected with a few travel apps can help make planning your trip easier and your vacation a whole lot less stressful. So before you hit the open road or fly the friendly skies, here are five apps you need to add to your smartphone ASAP.

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    This travelers' favorite is a community-based traffic and navigation app where drivers share real time updates of traffic, police location, and road hazards. Since users are constantly updating info, you’ll always know what is happening on the road ahead of you.

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    If you’re headed to the airport, be sure to add Fleet to your phone. This crowdsourced app tells you how busy each airport line is so you can choose the shortest, and once you pass through security, it acts as your personal concierge identifying the nearest shopping and food venues complete with user ratings. Added bonus: It tells you how long you have before you should be at your gate. No missed flights!

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    Sit or Squat

    If a long car ride is part of your summer plans, you’ll need to know which places you should and should not stop for a potty break. The Sit and Squat app allows users to rate bathrooms and rest stops by deeming a bathroom facility as “sit” for favorable conditions or “squat” for those bathrooms that look more like a scene out of horror movie.

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    Don’t you love when someone or something makes your life easier? Especially when it comes to planning vacations. The Roadtrippers app helps you map out your trip and discover the best restaurants, scenic spots, attractions at hotels, and more through their constantly updated database. You can even check out pictures, descriptions, and reviews. Plus, you can save your favorite trips and destinations for your next vacation.

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    Pack Point

    If you're the one responsible for making sure everyone has enough underwear and socks for your vacay, download Pack Point. After asking you a few questions about your trip, this app helps you organize what you need to pack based on the length of travel, weather at your destination, and any activities planned during your trip. Seriously, how cool is that? Pack Point even reminds you to pack an umbrella if there is rain in the forecast.