4 Ways to Keep Kids Safe While Keeping Your Lawn Beautiful

posted: 07/27/15
by: TLCme
picture of a woman pushing a lawn mower

Any homeowner with a green lawn can tell you there's a special kind of pride that goes with having a beautiful yard. But it's important to remember that the implements we use to keep our yards beautiful can be harmful to children. (Roughly 17,000 children are injured by mowers each year.) Some helpful hints to keeping your kids safe while keeping your yard in shape:

1. Keep your kids inside while you mow the lawn. This is the simple, straightforward message sent by those who've experienced lawnmower tragedy firsthand. And go one step further and make sure kids inside are monitored so they can't sneak out without the knowledge of the person mowing.

2. Create a "danger zone" of 20 feet around the mower. And shut the machine down immediately if a minor enters that zone.

3. Don't allow children under the age of 12 operate a mower. That's for the hand-operated ones. And the longer you can wait to delegate this hazardous household task, the better. Children under 16 shouldn't operate ride-on mowers.

4. Clear the area of debris before mowing. Things like stray branches and rocks can be propelled by the blades of the motor, leaving those in its radius vulnerable to injury.

For more information on how to keep kids safe from lawn mower accidents and to support those who've experienced tragedies due to lawn mower accidents, visit Jodi Bainter's site, Make it Morning.