4 Tips for Starting a Garden With Kids

posted: 04/11/16
by: Amanda Mushro
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If your kids are like mine, they love digging in the dirt and being outside. So this spring, rather than just making a mess in the dirt, we tried making a garden.

Even if you don't have a green thumb, you can absolutely plant a garden with your kids. It's so easy to get started, the garden doesn't have to take up a lot of space, and just imagine how proud your little gardeners will be when they get to pick the flowers or veggies they grew all by themselves.

But, just like any other kid-friendly project, a game plan is necessary. Follow these simple steps:

1. Plant quick growing plants

Sure, shoveling dirt is a lot of fun, but your gardener will want to see quick results from all their hard work. Keep their interest in their garden by planting these quick-growing seeds that should sprout within a few days.

Quick-growing flowers include poppies, morning glory, marigolds, sweet peas, nasturtium, sunflowers, foxgloves, and wildflowers.

Edible plants can grow fast, too! Some fast-growing fruits and veggies include strawberries, peas, cabbage, beans, carrots and radishes.

2. Use unique planters

You don't have to start all of your seeds in the ground. These fun and unique planters are a great way to get the seeds started and can be done in your house with very little mess. Since spring weather can be a little wacky, these planters are perfect if the weather isn't right for gardening just yet. Here's a few unique ideas to get started:

  • Try planting a few seeds in an ice cream cone. When the seeds start to sprout, your child can plant the entire cone in the ground. How fun is that?
  • Egg shells make the perfect home for a few tiny seeds and dirt. Just place the egg shells in the sun and transfer to the ground when the plant starts to sprout. The eggs shells will put nutrients into the ground when planted and will help work like plant food for your seedlings.
  • Make a planter necklace out of a take-out condiment container. Add a little dirt, water, and a few seeds and tape string to the lid so your child can wear their garden as a necklace. When the seeds start to sprout, it's time to move the tiny plant to their garden.
  • Create a greenhouse with an egg carton and plastic wrap. Add soil, seeds, and water to each container and wrap the entire carton in plastic wrap. Be sure to write the name of each seed on the outside of the carton. Your little gardener will love seeing how their greenhouse helped the seeds sprout so quickly.

3. Try this watering hack.

To protect the plants from taking a swim every time your child gets a hold of the watering can, poke holes in the lid of a milk jug and fill it with small amounts of water. Now, your tiny gardener can water their plants without all the water rushing out on one plant each time.

4. Decorate the garden.

What garden would be complete without a few decorations? Set out of a scavenger hunt and tell your child to find a few small round rocks. Let them paint the rocks to look like bugs, flowers, or an original creation. Another easy garden craft is to turn craft sticks into seed markers. Keep it easy and simple and your kids will love having a small garden of their own.