4 Hacks to Make Your Outdoor Furniture Look New Again

posted: 06/09/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Outdoor patio furniture

As the weather starts to heat up, so does outdoor entertaining. However, if your outdoor furniture is looking faded and weathered from last summer, you might think your only option is start shopping for new chairs and tables. But don't spend big bucks replacing everything, just try a few of these hacks revive your outdoor furniture. Then once your outdoor space is looking amazing, invite us over for a party.

  1. Use Car Wax- For your mental or aluminum furniture that is looking dull and faded, a few coats of car wax will add shine to your furniture. Start by washing the furniture with soap and water and when dry, rub a thin layer of wax on the metal. Then wipe off for a quick and deep shine.
  2. Replace Fabric- If your chairs are still holding up but the fabric seats are in bad shape, get the staple gun out and a few yards of outdoor-friendly fabric and simply reupholster the chairs yourself. It's actually easier than you think. Start by ripping off the old fabric, wrap the new fabric around the seat, pull tightly, and start stapling the fabric the base of the seat. For just a few dollars, your chairs will look brand new.
  3. Grab the Spray Paint- It's amazing what a coat of paint can do for your outdoor furniture, and you might be surprised to see all the items you can paint. To freshen up metal or plastic tables or chairs, grab a can of spray paint that is intended for outdoor use, and try a new hue for your furniture to add a pop of color to your outdoor space. You can also spray paint weatherproof cushions to give them new life and to hide any water or weather damage.
  4. White Paint Works Wonders- To make your furniture look great again and to cover up any flaws, give your furniture a whitewashed finish. Start by watering down white paint by adding two parts water to one part paint. Then brush on the paint and wipe with a dry towel. To give more depth, go over the furniture with a dry brush to give it some depth. Whitewashing is a great option because it's not meant to look perfect. So you can add more paint and take off until you reach the shading that you like