4 Fun Halloween Alternatives to Trick or Treating

posted: 10/12/15
by: Courtney Reimer

Perhaps you're feeling a little trick-or-treated out, or perhaps you just want to have something other than the candy to focus on, but whatever the case, we've got some great ideas for activities beyond knocking on neighbors' doors begging for sweets (which, let's face it, is sort of an odd tradition, fun as it may be).

1. Head to the farm. It's prime pumpkin-picking season, but the fun on these farms tends to also extend to hay rides and corn maizes. Your farm trip doesn't necessarily have to be an alternative to trick-or-treating, but you can de-emphasize the candy (or feel better about it) if you spend the day around fresh produce and nature.

2. Go out on the town (or riverboat, or cruise). There's absolutely nothing wrong with hiring a sitter to hand out candy and/or put the kiddos to bed and going out to celebrate like a grown up instead of staying in. For example, places like the Spirit of New Jersey have special moonlight tours of the classic New York sights on Halloween night (this year they're doing a Latin-themed event), and no matter where you are, we're sure you could find a bar catering to the more "mature" Halloween reveler.

3. Skip town. You could also skip the trick-or-treaters altogether (at least in your own neighborhood) and head to a resort that has some Halloween-themed activities so you're not totally bowing out of the holiday. Though you might not think of Halloween (or kids' activities, for that matter) when you think of Las Vegas, but Circus Circus has a popular, long-running attraction called Fright Dome. And all across the country, family resort Great Wolf Lodge has a Howl-O-Ween event that involves a parade, dance party, scary storytime and more.

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4. Have a party. This is a particularly good option if A) the weather doesn't cooperate and B) your kids are getting too old for trick-or-treating. You can do all the old-fashioned fun games like bobbing for apples or "pin the face on the pumpkin," a variation on the classic "pin the tail on the donkey" game.

5. Go to the movies. We're guessing the lines are a little shorter and parking's a little better on a night that's not traditional for moviegoing. Or have the movies come to you -- you can create your own double- or triple-feature of Halloween classics -- if you don't want to bow out of Halloween altogether.